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I began my journy by watching DBZ. I followed the instructions Gohan gave to Videl to teach her about energy and when she held her first energy ball so did i. Freaky sound stupid, but true. Akira Toriyama knew what he was talking about. For a long while a practiced summoning my enery to my hand ect... Then one day i stumbled upon a magnificent book, How physcic are You. It really doesn't have much to do with being physcic, it basically teaches you the ropes. Anywho i chose my name, pure medium because most of my knowledge is self attained and mostly with experiment sparked my fictional tv shows, and because i am a medium. I decided to Asrtal Project because of an episode of So Weird that i saw, but i didn't follow the istructions from some stupid crackpot book that preys on the naive. Most books out on the market are crap,that's the truth. I have learned much from myself and from How Physcic Are You? My job in life is to help those in need, so i will always help.